A one-act, written last week


Jago: the narrator
Grank: friend of Jago
Jago's Brain: Jago's brain.

Setting: Jago's house, at his computer. Grank, on Messenger, has just finished reading Jago's journal.

Grank: So, this girl on the bus. Please tell me you talked to her and gave her a good "get in her pants" line.

Jago: Sorry, I didn't.

Grank: Why not?

Jago: I was too into my book and music, I guess. Besides, I was going to D!'s for some wrestling action, and I couldn't very well stand him up.

Jago's Brain: [inner monologue] My GOD! You did WHAT? What the hell did you do that for? That's it. I'm leaving! (Footsteps, door slamming.)

Jago: (to Grank) Besides, I was a coward.

Grant: (laughs) That's an explanation that's closer to the truth.

Jago: I guess I'll be stalking the Manulife Place bus stop for a while now, waiting for her to come back...

(Lights down. Scene ends.)

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