Odd Transformations 20

Man, if my life was a Cerebus comic, 7.5% would be these dream issues...

My dream today was that I was back in Moose Jaw, hanging out during sort of a Heritage Days period.

I remember a lot to do with horses that could turn into humans at any time (sort of like Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept series), and that one of them was tolerating me riding her. Because when it comes to horseriding, I can't even do it properly in my dreams.

Also, some generic friend was falling in love with one of them (in human form, of course). And when we left one of the horses in the front yard, a nosy neighbour from next door decided to Christmas wrap it.

Otherwise, not too many details stick in my head.


Silly Dan said...

If your life becomes a Cerebus comic, please warn me before the writer becomes a nutbar misogynist, OK? After all, I'm only a peripheral character (showing up in person maybe once every twelve issues), and I'd rather not get squeezed out in favour of some convoluted paranoid rant.

(This comment brought to you by the "Someone was going to make the joke so I might as well do it first" department.)

The Doc said...

Oy, Dan, you beat me to it. The only other joke I could make is that, if your blog becomes Cerebus, and you're Cerebus, and the author sometimes writes himself into the storylines, then who will the author be? Jãgo?