My new obsession...

Before we start off with the main point I have to make, that being how kickass Katamari Damacy is, a few small things:

On Remembrance Day, I saw two movies.

First of all, girlone, Channers and I saw Ray, the Ray Charles story.

I loved it, mostly because Jamie Foxx does a great job inhabiting the role of Ray, and also due to whenever some bit of music came on, the movie kicked into high gear. Some great musical sequences, including the (fictionalized?) origins of "What'd I Say" and "Hit the Road, Jack."

I was even singing along with "Ray's Rockhouse," even though it was only instrumental and edited. Enough so noone could hear me.

The only things I couldn't reconcile: an end scene where Jamie takes off the glasses in a dream sequence and is able to see, since it was Jamie Foxx there, not Ray Charles Robinson like the rest of the movie. The other was a concert bit where they're singing "Night Time is the Right Time," in which all I thought about was that one episode of The Cosby Show where Cliff's parents are having their anniversary and the family lip syncs the song. (You know what I'm talking about: Where Rudy is the one singing "Baybaaaaaay!!!! Baybayyyyyy!!!")

Later on that night, I saw The Incredibles with Canton. It was also very good, but in a completely different way than Ray.

While Ray moved me more due to the music, The Incredibles was also a good movie.

Unfortunately, I already wrote this once, along with a hugely long-winded rant about how cool Katamari Damacy is.

Let's just leave it at: Whenever a game makes me look around at things on my way to work and think at what I'd need on my ball to roll them up into stars for my drunken "King of the Universe" dad, you know it's a came I'm obsessed with...

Read the reviews. Play the game. For only $30, it's a must-have. I only wish Canton's PS2 wasn't broken...

* * *

While watching Angel with Dev and Canton tonight, I got a 6-pack of Pepsi with my pizza order.

I drank three cans in an hour. I'd drink one, put it on the table, and repeat.

Or so I thought. When I was getting ready to leave the couch and put my cans away, I realized that two cans weren't fully empty. In fact, one wasn't even half finished.

So, yeah. I drank half a can of Pepsi, put it on the coffee table, forgot about it, opened another can, drank from it, forgot about it, opened ANOTHER can and fully drank that one.

Time for bed for Jago.

Reading: As much Christopher Moore as possible. Seriously, for a hilarious read, pick up Lamb.

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Anonymous said...

Lovelovelove "Lamb". Love. I am also very articulate today. Anyway. What other C.M. books have you read that are good? I'm looking for something else to read while waiting for my on-hold books to come up.

Canoegirl *8)