"I Will Make You Fishsticks of Men"

So for everyone who's interested in idiots in the media, here's a couple of good links:

Woman Sells 10 year Old Cheese Sandwich for $28,000.

And closer to home:

Man Says Fish Stick Looks Like Christ

The woman with the cheese sandwich? Who'd keep a grilled cheese sandwich for 10 years and then sell it on eBay? Who the HELL would BUY a cheese sandwich for $28k???

I mean, at least the guy's doing it for humour value...

* * *

Nothing too much going on with me. Working, working, working.

Got sick on Saturday and took the day off.

Buying a new (for me) video card from my friend Myles. He's buying one that should, I dunno, reach out and slap him in the face or something. And I'll be able to play games that are younger than two years old! Finally, my copy of GTA will run properly! And I'll be ready for World of Warcraft (Canton picked up a copy, and is loving it) or City of Heroes if I decide to get immersed in an online computer game.

Kow show in under a week. Come see it!

Will be involved in a Channel 101 pilot with a guy in town here. That should be fun.

* * *

Canoegirl: I finished Christopher Moore's Practical Demonkeeping. Pretty good for a first novel. Although I'm liking Coyote Blue a bit more...

Lamb's still my favourite, though...

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The Doc said...

You're going to be in a Channel 101 pilot? Dude! That's awesome! Maybe I can be your caterer? Bring you sandwiches and juice?

(with Black)
You're going to be in a Channel BLACK! pilot? Dude! That's BLAAAAACK.... Maybe I can black your caterer? Bring you sandwiches and blACK!!

(with Black and Gourd)
You're going to gourd in a BLACK 101 gourd?!?!? Black! That's awesome! Maybe I can gourd your BLACK BLACK! Gourd you black and juice?

(with Black, Gourd, and Spank)
Black going to spank GOURD a SPANK SPANK Black? Gourd! That's gourd-SPANK. Maybe Black can Black your gooouuuuurd. Black black gourd-spank GOURD!!!!