Odd Transformations 17: Nightmare

It snowed overnight. Time to bring out the gloves and toque..

* * *

For the first time in a while, I remember a dream that turned into a nightmare pretty fast. Granted, the fact that I tried to fall back asleep for the remaining half hour before my alarm was to go off and couldn't might have something to do with it.

First of all, I was supposed to go to some night class as my old elementary school, St. Margaret's. Dev was taking a bus and wanted to know if I'd accompany him. I thought, "Kill two birds with one stone. Sure."

We took the 5 north, and it was only when Dev and I got off the bus that I realized that I was supposed to go south from where I lived, not north. So I was a lot further away than I needed to be.

(Apparently, my old elementary had switched locations from Moose Jaw to somewhere like Mill Woods. And apparently the 5 goes from Westmount to Coliseum. Obviously, I was pulling numbers out of my head.)

When I was trying to figure out how to get back to where I was needing to go, the bus rocketed up into the air, and into a 20 story high bus barn. Apparently where it's parked for the night.

Instead of waiting for a bus to catch, I decided to walk home, instead of going to St. Margaret's, since I'd certainly miss whatever workshop/class I was going to.

I tried taking a shortcut that led me through houses. Once I realized this. I started backtracking, and found myself (now with a bike) confronted by this French guy sniffing glue out of a bag.

I tried to outrace him on my bike, but I couldn't go fast enough. He was wanting to hang with me, and even though I was trying to flee by biking through red lights and taking impossible tasks, it wasn't working. I do remember having access to a radar screen which showed me how close this guy was.

My plan was to bike to D!'s apartment, and seek sanctuary from the French glue-sniffer.

I passed by a kid hanging by his underwear on a street sign. A car screeched and stopped behind me, and the kid's mother yelled at him to get into the car. He also had a drug problem.

The mother, kid and I got on a bus, and I was apparently part of the family or something.

It wasn't until about five minutes or so dream time that I realized I was the kid's 40-year old white-trash father, trapped in Jago's younger body and liking it, while Jago's mind was still trapped in there with him.

The white-trash man started hitting on this girl who was on the bus, and asked, "Hey, baby. Where's your boyfriend?"

When she replied that he was out of town, the man inside my body picked her up.

That was about the time I woke up, freaked out.

* * *

I watched a feed of Crossfire where Jon Stewart showed up and really took the hosts and American media to task about the presidential election.

It was amazing. And I've got the segment on my computer now, if anyone wants to come by and see Jon Stewart plead that shows like Crossfire just "Please. Stop."

I remember why I admire Stewart so much...

* * *

On the recommendation of my manager, Chris, I downloaded LimeWire for my filesharing needs.

Man, it's a great program. A lot better than the iMesh I've been using for a while now.

It's quicker, there's a lot more files, you can have multiple searches, and there's no spyware in it whatsoever!

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