Odd Transformations 16, and a great Thanksgiving dinner

Just woke up from a dream where I went back to Moose Jaw for the Christmas holidays, and took the rest of Kow along with me.

It was December 21, and I was wondering why my family was still getting ready for school.

Mom asked me if I needed a ride from school today (for some reason, I was going back to my high school, Peacock), and I said, "Nah, I'll take the bus home. It's only a two block walk to the bus stop, and I'm used to walking a lot further than that. Besides, I've got my book to read."

Before school, though, some radio station had set up a live unit in my front room, because Kow was doing a media appearance, along with Quintessential, who had decided to add a woman to the group.

At one point, I, along with the female Quintessential member and another guy, did an impromptu version of Moondance, and I somehow sang lead, even though I didn't know the words to the song, and tried to muddle my way through it.

My friend Romy was in the audience, sitting at my dining room table.

Afterwards, EJ and Brade were in the living room watching TV, while I was frantically getting ready for school, trying to find Dev, who was also going to go to Peacock along with me.

I remember thinking, "If it's the 21st of December, wouldn't we get the week off for Christmas?"

Dev was getting a ride to school from a neighbour, and I was trudging my way through broken ice to get to the car before they took off.

I woke up then...

* * *

On Monday, Canton and I were gearing up for a season of video hockey, when I got a call from Marauder.

"I hear a rumour that you didn't get a turkey dinner."

"That's right. My family dinner was in Wetaskiwin yesterday, and I was working."

"My parents are offering to cook you a Thanksgiving dinner, if you're interested."

So I took him up on his offer.

Before Marauder, Neeta and I went to St. Albert, I made sure to stop off at the liquor store for a nice bottle of white wine. I picked up this good-looking South African chardonnay.

Before the dinner, the three of us watched The Impostors, one of my favourite movies. There's just something about a movie full of stars that wants to be a thirties comedy and succeeds, pratfalls, mistaken identity, singing and all...

The dinner was delicious. Mrs. Marauder went to the store to find some turkey parts so she could cook over some leftovers, but could only find a full turkey. And they made me a pumpkin pie, since there were no store-made ones.

So I gorged on turkey, buns, mashed potatoes, peas, dressing, cranberries, and of course, a crapload of gravy, along with a few glasses of milk and a great wine.

I was much appreciative of the Marauder family for going through all that trouble of making sure I had a Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Axler invited me to his family's dinner, but I had to decline since I was working until 5:30 on Sunday.

And there was no Heath this time around to come in from Prince Albert to visit his girlfriend, since she now lives in the same city as him.

So it's nice to know that the Marauders, who, while I've met them a few times, but wouldn't say were like family to me, were willing to go out of their way for me.

Thank you.

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