Back to bitching about work...

So this morning, I answer the phone to have a guy ask me about the USB Christmas trees we carry.

Me: Yeah, I got some in stock.

Man: And I hear they're discounted?

Me: No, they're ten dollars each.

Man: I was talking to a girl at Westmount, and she said that any store would be able to give me a deal on those.

Me: Well, it's really manager's discretion. That would be something my boss would have to clear. What the girl promised you at Westmount would usually only apply to that store. it's a case by case basis.

Man: Is L there?

Me: No, L's the manager of the store downstairs. M's the manager here.

Man: Okay. I'll just get the phone number to downstairs.

Me: Certainly. Here you go.

No problems, right? Fast forward three minutes...

I answer the phone.

Woman: Hi, I'm the wife of the customer who just called about Christmas trees.

Me: Okay.

Woman: I'd like to speak to your manager.

Me: I'm the assistant manager.

Woman: I'm wanting to get the number to head office because of how you treated us.

Me: (starting to bristle) Pardon?

Woman: The last time I called head office, they told me whatever one store promised, the others would honour.

(I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. The hairs on my neck stand.)

Me: As I told your husband, that's completely at the manager's discretion.

Woman: Well, it's kind of convenient that your managers aren't here. L's not downstairs, M's not there, the girl I was talking to at Westmount isn't working today.

(Because, I thought, they've OBVIOUSLY left to spite you, bitch.)

Me: I'm sorry, ma'am, if that's what Westmount wants to do for you, that's something only Westmount will do for you.

Woman: Give me your head office's number. If you're not willing to do it for me now, you'll do it when they tell you to.

I start vibrating in anger. Seriously.

Me: Here you go. This is my district office's number. If you really want these trees at the price that Westmount told you, I could always send them out to Westmount.

Woman: You can do that?

Me: If Westmount asks for them, yes. You'd have to have them bring them in for you.

Woman: So I couldn't ask you to?

Me: No, it'd have to be them. (Well, that's not true. I could've sent them out if you didn't decide to anger me. But too bad. Not helping you now.)

Woman: I'm calling head office.

Me: If you feel that's best.

At that point I would have hung up, but she kept on irritating me, leaving me to fume and vibrate in silence, because if I had opened my mouth at that point, I would have given the bitch something to complain about. But, man, after I put down the phone, I was needing to let out some anger, let me tell you...


Anonymous said...

Too funny...

Jeans said...

customer service = sucks.

I hate having to be nice to someone when they don't deserve it.

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

I agree with you, Jeans, but as a retail worker, that's almost part of the job description. You're representing your company and the image they've chosen to convey. In some retail chains, that image may be as a friendly, helpful person who spends a lot of time chatting up the customer and giving them exactly what they're asking for. In others, the image may be a mere cashier. In still others, you may be asked to bend over backwards and treat customers like their vitriol and sense of entitlement are a canteen of water to a man crawling through the desert.

It doesn't surprise me that some customers suck. That sense of entitlement really pissed me off back when I was working retail, and I did the assistant manager thing as well, so much of the day-to-day shit was directed upwards to me. What does surprise me is that some companies cave to this sort of pressure. Indeed, some companies use a customer's sense of entitlement against them, because this sort of person is more likely to believe half-assed bullshit stories and believe anything they're told.

Stoopid customers; without you, retail would be more fun to work!

CTU Agent said...



Anonymous said...

I want more posts...! I delight in your wit and your Bob Hopeesque subtle ironies.

Jago said...

That's funny. The LAST thing I think of whenever I think of either me or Bobe Hope is the word "subtle."

A post will be forthcoming, though. I'll type one up tonight.

Silly Dan said...

I thought you weren't posting because all of your customers over the last month or so were not idiots. Or you were looking for the nerve gas.

The First Joël said...

Hey Jago, can I have a christmas tree USB? I hear you'll honour the Westmount manager price.