Plug for improv

Just so people know, and since my blog has become one of the (sadly enough) main forms of people knowing about the show, I'm performing this week at Pavlov Improv.

Come to Jekyll and Hyde Pub (10610 100 Ave, a block south of the Jasper Ave. Boston Pizza) on Saturday evening (11 pm) to watch four improvisers put on a show.

Performers this week are Kyle Jago, Morgan Smith, Diego Ibarra and Scott C. Bourgeois.

It should be a fun time, as witnessed last time by a select few. I'm pretty sure I won't take a pratfall this time around, nor will I create a new term ("musical theologist") or make Paul laugh by keeping the last remaining eyelash of my dead mother in my car trunk for "safekeeping."

What will I do? Since it's improv, I'm sure I'll be doing something wacky. But neither you nor I will know until the four of us hit that stage!

IMPROV, BABY! It's the nature of the beast!

Admission's only $5! Seats are plentiful! Come on down!


Diego said...

Enh. I see plenty of people at Pavlov who don't read BTHTRM, Jago. Three people does not a "main source of advertising" make.

Credit were credit is due, however, they've made every performance so far.

Now strap in for tonight, peanut! You're gonna ride the D!Coaster!

Diego said...

Okay, tonight, you were the main source of advertising after all.

Silly Dan said...

I have told my roommate, who is in E-town for a fencing tournament next weekend, that he should drop by. Just so you know.

Jago said...

Just so people are aware, last night, other than performers and workshoppers, we had five people in the audience:

D!'s bro, Dave's wife, and my co-workers.

And Mark busted his ass to get from Morinville to the pub in 45 minutes so they'd make it on time.

As it was, before they showed up, we were wondering whether or not to cancel the show proper and just do a workshop instead.

At 11:03, Mark, Dustin and Lisa walked in, at which point we yelled "Audience!" and ran into positions to start the show.

Diego said...

Lemme go further here . . .

The past couple of weeks have had better audiences for the Jekyll & Hyde's space . . . about a dozen or more. It might not sound like much, but in that space, it's the different between polite audiences and whooping and hollering. (Mark, if you're reading this, you count as one dozen people.)

Problem is? Most of that contingent are theatre people. And there was a theatre people party that night, which easily beat us out in terms of priority, even if we were, technically speaking, theatre.

Here is the hierarchy:


I hope that all helped.

Marky Mark said...

I count as 12 people? Sweet!

I must give an apology to the Pavlov crew but for the first time since this this got going I will not be able to attend this Saturday night. I got backstage passes to Collective Soul.

Although I don't think I have inventory on the 28th now, so I think I may return that night.