Odd Transformations 30: Coming home

My school's having its 75th anniversary reunion in July. Unfortunately, due to Kow singing at my brother's wedding the week afterwards, I don't think I'll be able to make it to the celebrations. Regardless of if I can go or not, my mind decided to take me there in the midst of sleep this morning.

Kow decided to take a bus full of Peacock alum to get to Moose Jaw. When we got there, the celebration was in full swing, and the rest of Kow melted away while I went to be part of these celebrations in my old high school auditorium. There was a talent show, that I might have been a part of, I can't remember. My friend kingston did an act that got straight zeros from the audience.

My old drama teacher LJ was the MC for the night, and he got into a fight with some teens who were tuning up for their rock band portion of the show.

Odd dream.

* * *

So I had a week of vacation last week, one where I just decided to stay in town and rest. It was fun, and I've still go another week to burn before the end of April, so I'm heading to Moose Jaw for a few days over Christmas.

Inventory was last Sunday and I was at the store for 16 hours! Whee! Apparently, I wasn't there for all of the fun, like when the computer broke and lost a good chunk of stock numbers (I went in to sell Dev his shiny new MP3 toy for about an hour or so on Thursday), or when that finally got fixed, the inventory was all out of sync.

I went back to work yesterday to find a whole bunch of things that hadn't been fixed (the sale that ended last week not taken down, old flyers in the flyer basket, etc.) and the store the temperature of a sauna. We called maintenance and they went on the roof to clear out our vents or something, because we finally had ventilation in the store in the afternoon. Other than that, it was a VERY slow day at work. Marky's taking some time off in between my two vacations, and I think he deserves it with him working his ass off. Every time we think we get to relax, there's a threat of a store visit by the new boss of the company, or inventory, of threat of a visit by the old boss. Sigh.


Jago said...

Did you perform your famous "Mr. Pretzel" moves. I'm not surpised that Kow was traveling with a bus full of Peacock alum seeing as they have all left Saskatchewan I'm sure.

Jago said...

For one thing, that's "Pretzel Man." For another, I don't think so. I don't remember ANYTHING about that dream now...

adrienne said...

haha! you probably wont be the only one not there...i know i wont be.

not that winnipeg is any better...