Giving thanks with alcohol, and signs that confuse me.

While driving down 109th Ave on my way home from work, I saw that the Save-On Foods lit sign was having some problems.

It now reads "Save-On Foo s."

All I could think about was hiring Mr. T to be their spokesman: "I pity the Save-On Foo's!"

Also, before Thanksgiving, Zellers was promoting their restaurant's pumpkin pie. The fine print on the bottom of the poster said that their pie, which sells for $7.49 (so I'm assuming it's either an eight- or ten-inch pie) can serve 10-12 people.

10-12 people? Not the people I know of! If everyone had a sliver, maybe, but I'm the kind of guy who cuts a pie into sixths at the MOST.

* * *

My sister and cousins are lushes.

Now, I can say this because they read my journal, and they know I'm just making fun of them for the SHEER AMOUNT OF WINE they were drinking yesterday. When almost all the young generation Dokken females were there, polishing off about four bottles of wine at least, and then saying, "Kyle! Stay the night! Drink a lot!" you know it's an interesting Thanksgiving dinner.

My sister said, "I don't think I've ever seen you drunk."

I replied, "That's because I've never BEEN drunk."

At which point it was the girls' objective to make sure that I'd get drunk with them.

I resisted their demands, and it was still a fun night with the family.

* * *

My mom's birthday was on Saturday, which is yet ANOTHER eerie parallel to Dev's family.

Dev's dad and my mom share the same birthday. And they BOTH turned 55 that day.

Okay, strange coincidence. Here's another: The Bruce family has three boys named Devin, Brendan and Graeme. The Jago family had three boys in it named Graham, Devon and Braden. (Graham and Devon were my younger twin brothers who didn't survive a premature birth.)

Spooky? Me thinks so.


Diego said...

I'm totally getting you drunk.

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

Dude, that's only marginally more likely than getting me drunk.

Jago said...

No, I've actually seen that...

Diego said...

I've seen that.

Nezbitt said...

I'd like to see that!!!

The Doc said...

I've seen it, Nez: it's not very exciting.

Diego said...

But Jago drunk? You'd better be around for that, sister!

Nezbitt said...

Alright! That settles it! We're all getting together and everyone is getting drunk. Just so I can see it!

Diego said...

No, you can't drink.

Otherwise, how would you remember what you've seen?

Also: can you drive us all home?

Jeans said...

I'm not one for getting drunk either. However, with the right wine (Icewine! cough!) I can make the exception.

Hey, instead of driving everybody home, why not just have a big sleepover?

Nobody has sleepovers anymore.