Odd Transformations 27: Pantomime and wrestling bosses

My dream today involved me driving back to Moose Jaw for a special acting project I was asked to participate in.

My old drama teacher, LJ, called me up to take part in this silly play that was being held during the MJ Music Festival, I guess, since the audience was a lot of musicians.

I was involved in something else (vaguely, it was in a church or community hall), and I had to leave Dev and Canton to go to this play. Someone had already taken my script to the play, so I'd meet up with them and collect it then.

For some reason, Mark was with me, and my car ran out of gas in the north side of MJ, about a half-block away from a Shell. So we pushed the car over to the gas station and filled up.

Due to my car running out of gas, I arrived a little late to the auditorium and scrambled to get into costume. I was playing a haughty prince, and I guess the reason I was asked to do this is because it's pretty much a pantomime (in the British "holy crap, this is being played completely overboard" sense, not the "no talking, bitches!" sense) that involves musical numbers.

So I couldn't find my script, and when it was time for my first entrance (where I find out my horse has just died), I start adlibbing, which is great for all the kids in the audience. When someone DOES give me the script (it was a staged reading), I start my lines from where I thought we were starting.

I realize I actually skipped over a page and a half of pretty important dialogue. And mutter, under my breath, "Ah hell."

* * *

Since I' ve been driving in Westmount this past week, I've been lucky enough to take the River Valley road to work.

It's great that I get to drive one of the most beautifully scenic roads in Edmonton twice a day.

(in best Groucho voice) And the trees ain't half bad neither...


Marky Mark said...

"And the trees ain't half bad neither... "

Gold. Solid Gold.

Silly Dan said...

"And the trees ain't half bad neither..."

(honk honk)