Painful day today...

It started off yesterday (Yes, the day is two days long...) when I came into work.

I had Saturday off, and so my key was given to Tyler. Since he tends to show up either right at the time the store opens, or later, I showed up about five minutes before the store opened.

Tyler was there, opening the store. I go to the back room and turn on the lights. I notice that the back door is unlocked. Not a good thing.

I go to the till, and Tyler tells me, "By the way, Tom made the float $400 again. Just so you know."

I open the till.

"Um, Tyler. This ISN'T $400."

I count the cash. $207. A far cry from a $400 float.

Great. Back door unlocked, money missing from the till.

I try to get a hold of Tom. Of course, I can't.

Today, when I get into work, after sleeping in and then forgetting my wallet (and, therfore, my bus pass) in my room, I finally get a hold of Tom.

Yup. Looks like someone stole money from the till. Either one of the guys who works at my store, or someone with a copy of the store key.

Not looking good.

I have the guys fill out reports of what they did from the time the store closed on Saturday until Sunday morning, as per Mitch's orders.

So, bad enough day, yes?

If it weren't for me not getting out of the store on time, because of razzinfrazzin' customers interrupting my cashing out.

Then, on my way to run home to get my wallet, I wait twenty-five minutes for a bus that SHOULD come every fifteen...

So I get to the book club about a half hour late. Granted, it's what really calmed me down today. Nothing like talking about reading with a whole bunch of friends.

* * *

In other news, D! has moved in with me for a month while his place is being renovated.

It's pretty cool having a roommate again, although it's not really an apartment for two.

It should be fun for February, mind you...

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